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Unforgettable Paradise adventure in North Sulawesi

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Lihaga Island

North Sulawesi is known as a maritime tourism paradise and Lihaga Island is one of the tourist attractions in North Minahasa that is unfortunately not visited. To reach Lihaga Island you will travel more than 2 hours. But you don’t need to worry, the long journey that you have traveled will not be in vain because upon arriving on this uninhabited island, you will be greeted by a stretch of fine white sand, surrounded by the blue ocean

Bunaken Marine Park

Because of the beauty of the sea, Bunaken Marine Park is one of the favorite destinations for local and foreign tourists on vacation, can also visit various islands in Bunaken National Park. besides the beauty of the underwater and the land offered, this island is also included in the category “International Heritage” which is one of everyone’s favorite destinations to relieve fatigue. In Bunaken marine park there are 20 dive spots with varying depths of up to 1,300 meters. Of the 20 dive spots in the Bunaken marine park. In this park, there is an underwater great wall which is a large coral wall shaped vertically and curved upwards. While it is very rich in coral reef ecosystems, inside there are approximately 39 species of coral reefs.

Nain Island

Nain Island has a special attraction for tourists visiting the island. Because the island of Nain has its own uniqueness where the occurrence of a phenomenon of sand arises around the island.  You can enjoy sand only when the sea water is receding. When the sea water recedes, you will find beautiful white sand that rises to the surface as if forming a separate island. This sand island will disappear when the tide rises. Unfortunately, the phenomenon of arising sand can only be found when the sea recedes and in the bright moon season. Because of its uniqueness, sand is used as a tourist attraction that you must visit while on Nain Island.

Siladen Island

Siladen Island is no less attractive than Bunaken Island. Like being in paradise, this island has the beauty of a clean white sand beach and also has spectacular underwater park for tourists to enjoy, there are interesting diving spots namely Siladen 1 and Siladen 2. The island is located next east of the island of Bunaken

Linow Lake

On Linow Lake, we can see the color of water that can change color to green, blue and brownish yellow. This color change occurs due to sulfur elements buried in the lake and refraction and reflection of sunlight. In the morning when the air is still clean is the best time to enjoy the beauty of Lake Linow, in silence and calm into an atmosphere that can be used as therapy. Besides the beauty of beauty, the weather in the lake area is also very cool.

Tangkoko Nature Reserve

The location of Tangkoko National Park is at the foot of Mount Dua Saudara, this park is a sanctuary for some of the most unique primate species in Indonesia including crested black apes and spectral tarsiers. This reserve has an area of 8,700 hectares of lowland rainforest inhabited by more than 100 species of mammals and more than 200 species of birds consisting of various types. Most of these species are endemic – not only for Indonesia, but also for Sulawesi itself

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