Siladen Tour

Relax in serenity on the island of Siladen

For those of you who desire a natural atmosphere with tranquility, this island presents a harmonious natural landscape, an atmosphere of underwater natural beauty, the sound of birds chirping, fresh sea breeze, and typical beach sunshine ready to be your friend for a few days. The island’s underwater life is so amazing with its diverse coral reefs and other colorful marine biota. The coral walls on the seafloor of the island look like bookshelves and on each shelf there are different types of fish.
Meanwhile, on the mainland of this island there are several species of animals such as black apes (Macaca nigra nigra), deer (Cervus timorensis russa), and cuscus (Ailurops ursinus ursinus). There are also seagulls whose singing is very melodious like the music that swings the beauty of Siladen Island.
This place is one of the islands whose waters have abundant biodiversity. This island is very suitable for diving, witnessing various types of marine life in various shapes, colors and characteristics. Diving in the waters of this island might be an outlet for your curiosity about amazing underwater life.

“Is this island your choice? prepare yourself to quickly arrange your vacation to this island and enjoy a paradise atmosphere”

Siladen Island is located on the east side of Bunaken Island or 3 km away, can be reached by motorbike approximately 45 minutes.

There are interesting diving spots namely Siladen 1 and Siladen 2. The island is located next east of the island of Bunaken

The main activities here, you can enjoy the marine park by going around the submarine or snorkeling, diving, underwater photos; or play and sunbathe.

The glowing stretch of white sand bathed in the sun lies on the plains of the island to its own scenery from a distance. After diving and snorkeling, hold the beach cloth in the sand and lie down to feel the sunlight sweeping over your skin while relaxing reading your favorite book

Clear Price

Snorkeling Package

Include : Transportation from/to Hotel, SpeedBoat, Snorkling Gears, Lunch at local restaurant, Parking boat, Mineral Water, Tax. 

Eclude : Private expenses, Tip for guide tour, captain.

Price US$ 151/ person

Min. for 2 pax

Diving Package

Include: Transportation from/to Hotel, Speedboat, dive equipment, 2 diving spot, Dive guide, parking boat,  Lunch at local restaurant, Mineral Water, tax.

Exclude: Private Expenses, tip for guide, captain.

Price US$ 166/ person

Min. for 2 pax

Non Diver

Include : Transportation from/to Hotel, Speedboat, Submarine, Lunch at local restaurant, parking boat, Mineral water, Tax

Exclude : Private Expenses, Snorkeling gear, Diving Equipment

Price US$ 118/person

Min. for 2 pax

Terms and Conditions

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  • If a cancellation occurs, the booking fee cannot be refunded.
  • If there is a delay in the tour schedule by traveler, then you are expected to notify at the latest 4 days before arrival. the delay cannot be more than 14 days from the date of delay.
  • Prices can change if there is a change in the price of a component that is outside the package tolerance.
  • Tourists are asked to follow all instructions from the tour guide as well as existing regulations to avoid things that are not desirable, but if something happens to tourists without obeying all the instructions given then tourists are responsible for themselves.
  • We will delay or replace other tours or even cancel tours for tourist safety if there is act of God, war, blockade, revolution, insurrection, mobilization, strike, lockout, civil commotions, riots, destruction of the goods by fire, typhoon, flood, tsunami or due to any other cause or cause beyond the control of us.