Lihaga Island

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Lihaga Island!

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Enjoy lying on white sand accompanied by sunshine and gentle breeze at Lihaga island




Lihaga Island is evidence of North Sulawesi’s natural wealth that never runs out. Lihaga Island offers beauty that is not inferior to Bunaken. Traveling to Lihaga Island can be reached for 2 hours from Manado. From Manado to Likupang, then from Likupang use a boat to this beautiful and uninhabited island.

Arriving on Lihaga Island, the stretch of white sand on the beach and the blue sea and lush trees, as if to welcome you. Not only white, but the sand is so smooth. The beauty of the beach will be a medicine in everyday fatigue. You will find small fish and marine life around the beach, of course accompanied by clear and blue sea water.

Satisfied playing on the beach, try snorkeling or diving. Guaranteed, the clearness of water and the amount of fish will make anyone amazed. Indeed, Bunaken has more wealth of marine biota and coral reefs. However, the beauty of Lihaga Island is enough to steal your heart.

This island is uninhabited, so prepare equipment for snorkeling or diving and also bring some food when visiting this beach because on the island it does not provide food stores or restaurants. Don’t forget, to capture the sunset in every shot of your camera on Lihaga Island.

Plan the destination of your trip to Lihaga Island, and prove the beauty by yourself.

PriceĀ  US$ 104/person

Include : Transportation, fuel, friendly drivers, meals according to program, speed boat to and from Lihaga Island, entrance ticket to the pier, entrance ticket to the island, mineral water, parking, dining guide.

Exclude: Extra meal, diving and snorkeling equipment, snorkeling/Diving Guide.

Terms and Conditions

  • Booking tour packages at least 7 days before arrival.
  • If a cancellation occurs, the booking fee cannot be refunded.
  • If there is a delay in the tour schedule by traveler, then you are expected to notify at the latest 4 days before arrival. the delay cannot be more than 14 days from the date of delay.
  • Prices can change if there is a change in the price of a component that is outside the package tolerance.
  • Tourists are asked to follow all instructions from the tour guide as well as existing regulations to avoid things that are not desirable, but if something happens to tourists without obeying all the instructions given then tourists are responsible for themselves.
  • We will delay or replace other tours or even cancel tours for tourist safety if there is act of God, war, blockade, revolution, insurrection, mobilization, strike, lockout, civil commotions, riots, destruction of the goods by fire, typhoon, flood, tsunami or due to any other cause or cause beyond the control of us.